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Great ... When It Works

I was very excited that this app was finally filling the podcast gap in my Gen3 Apple Watch. Exported my podcasts from Overcast and I was good to go. It worked great for a couple of days then locked up. Had to restart the watch to get it to work again. A week later I’m having the same problem. I think this app has great potential and just needs a little tweaking. Maybe when the next update comes out it will be more stable. This is well worth trying, just know you have to work with it. Hoping to give the next update 5 stars.

Stopped Working

Well, it runs better and downloads faster and more simply then when it first came out, but it doesn’t play my podcasts anymore. I can listen to other stuff from my watch, but pressing play on downloaded podcasts in this app has stopped working.

Too clunky

Podcasts are manually transferred

Not worth the money

UPDATE: since the developer thought it would be worthy to reply to me I shall reply to them: I followed the instructions. It doesn’t work. How about you ask me what steps I took before you accuse me of not reading them. Downloads to the watch rarely work. If you do anything that causes the watch to go to sleep, it pauses.

Super slow and unreliable

It’s a good idea and I’m really happy to see somebody trying to tackle this problem. I’ve heard Marco Arment talk about how difficult it is and this solution is better than his was. Still, it’s unreliable at best. I’ve gotten one episode of a podcast to download on my cellular watch in the past 2 weeks of messing around with it. Have not been able to play said episode via AirPods however, so I’m not sure what the point really is. Despite spending money I’m not mad because I’m that desperate for podcasts on my watch and am glad somebody is working on it, so hopefully that money will go towards making it better until Apple inevitably brings it to the watch themselves. But I can’t say I’d recommend the app to anybody who isn’t in the same mindset as myself.

Doesn’t work whenever you follow their directions

Super disappointed about this app. Purchased because it was featured by Apple a few weeks ago as being one of the essential apps to download for your Apple Watch. You cannot download anything no matter what disconnect from your Apple Watch like it says no dice connected via Wi-Fi without your Apple Watch. No dice. I have an Apple Watch that’s enabled with cellular data and it still doesn’t work connected or unconnected from the Apple Watch. Not to mention that the user interface is just terrible seems OK but it freezes up and I’ve had to uninstall reinstall a few time. it’s not clear how to get to the settings etc. what a bummer since all I really want to do is listen to podcasts without having to carry my iPhone around. I think this app was able to download 1 episode a few weeks ago. Took forever made my watch hot. I’m not even able to that now.

AVOID, Always hangs

I’ve had this for a day and managed to play 18 seconds of one podcast before it froze. Reset Apple Watch, reinstalled app and it just keeps happening.

No downloading over WiFi, etc.

I run a lot and love my podcasts, so this was an obvious try as I try and not run w/my iPhone. So, it says it will download via WiFi after I turn off Bluetooth and put on airplane mode - this does not work, and I’m literally sitting next to my wireless router (and AirPort Extreme). Also, when I actually was able to download an episode (via the iPhone/Bluetooth b/c the WiFi ‘trick’ didn’t work), it wouldn’t play after I paired my headphones (iTunes worked thru my headphones; this app didn’t). So I deleted the episode and re-downloaded the same episode (again, the long way via iPhone/Bluetooth), re-paired my headphones and it worked. So, when I actually does what it says it’s supposed to do, it’s great. But, it’s mostly inconsistent. Any remedies?

Hands down - the best Apple Watch podcast app (as of March 2017)

The developers have made some smart choices to overcome the limits of Apple Watch. At this time, Outcast is undeniably the best podcast player on Apple Watch and after installation allows you to search, download & listen to podcasts entirely without your phone (in fact, it functions best in the phone’s absence).

Great app

Very easy to use


Sooooo tedious to download over Bluetooth through iPhone, and app claims no internet connection when I disconnect from iPhone (when I do have WiFi and cellular).


Meets a much overlooked need Apple failed to address. After trying a few other apps found this one to be the best. Grateful! Terrific user tip from the Developer, turning off your iPhone Bluetooth allows for faster download direct into your watch.

Doesn’t work

Asks for urls for podcasts, like I’m supposed to know them? No search for podcast feature, so kind of useless

does not work with bose qc35 headphone.

headphone is pairng correctly. but app says bluetooth headphone is needed. please fix this.

Best Apple Watch podcast player

I have tried them all and this one is by far the best. Quick downloads over WiFi or LTE and you can use app and find podcasts without your phone. I did originally have an issue with the app not seeing my Apple AirPods but turning my watch off and back on with the play rate at 1.1 fixed that. Thanks for making a great app!!

Didn’t work out

Great idea for an app but I couldn’t download anything and I followed all steps. Maybe a new version of watch might work but easier to get podcasts off phone.

Best one out there and it gets the job done.

I just downloaded 8 hrs of podcasts to my watch in around 5 minutes. If you want it to download fast at all you have to put your phone into airplane mode and if you don’t you get an endless amount of the app telling you it’s faster if you disconnect from your phone. However, my biggest issue is that you can’t control the volume from the app and you can’t pause from the now playing section. Not really the Apps fault but hopefully apple adjusts to make this easier. As it’s a bit of a hassle having to switch back and forth.

This changes everything!

This app brings real utility to my Apple Watch Series 3! Now I leave my phone at home while walking the dog and listen to podcasts directly from my watch. Perfect!

Solves one of the biggest problems in Watch OS

This app is a big deal! It solves one of the biggest problems in watchOS. One of the things I really love about this app is that it is starting to treat the Watch as a separate entity away from the phone. I actually love that I can just turn off the Bluetooth on my phone and download things over Wi-Fi. I hope that more watch apps go in this direction. Also great use of user interface, by searching with your voice. This is a great app and it also feels like the future. Thanks for putting my podcasts on my wrist!

So close yet so far...

I’ve barely begun to use this app and cannot give it more than 3 stars. I set the app to download 3 podcasts that are an hour long each (~100mb each). It has taken TWO days and I have only downloaded 1.5! It’s probably apples fault but it only downloads when the app is open and active but my watch shuts off after seconds so I can’t get it to download for more than a few seconds. This is sooo frustrating. Why can’t it download while it’s on the charger at least!?!?!? If it gets better I will update but for now it’s practically useless.

Don't use with Series 1

After reading an article criticizing John Gruber and Marco Arment for criticizing WatchOS and singing the praises of this app, I downloaded it with high expectations. I am disappointed. It MAY work well with a Series 3 (and use cellular data), but the limitations of WatchOS rear their ugly head with a Series 1 Apple Watch, just like with Overcast, despite the reviewer's claims. First, you have to use your iPhone on 2.4 Ghz WiFi with the Watch to get the Watch to connect to WiFi without the phone. Then you have to put phone (but not the Watch) in airplane mode to stop the messages from Outcast constantly reminding you it would be faster disconnected from the Watch. Then, the downloads aren't really all that fast and they hammer your Watch battery. IF you can keep a Bluetooth headset connected to the Watch (not always a sure thing), it plays fine. This is a good attempt, considering the limitations of WatchOS, but not worth $0.99. It is much easier to just use the Watch as a remote for your iPhone and use Overcast or other podcast players.

Don’t waste your time

Most finicky and unreliable (on Apple Watch 3 LTE). Download takes an eternity and if you are patient enough to sit through a single download - playing is choppy and arbitrarily just stops. Uninstalled within an hour.

Wow. A must for podcast-loving Watch owners.

Way better than MiniCast. So much functionality. Very fast downloads over LTE/WiFi with minimal battery drain. Decent speed over Bluetooth. Scribble and voice dictation search. Playback customizations in settings. One catch: screen and app must stay active on screen or the download pauses. That’s fine because Watch’s WiFi/LTE download speed is fast. Can download podcasts without your phone! Thank you!

Works great!

After updates and help from support team, the app works great! Love listening to podcasts from my Apple Watch during workouts and running!

It said iPhone too!

Does not stop pairing well not use iPhones

The bar has been raised.

This sets a new bar for Apple Watch podcast apps. So much smoother and polished than the competition. A very impressive debut.

Problem with headphones fixed

I much enjoy this app for podcasts when I’m out running and the Bluetooth headphone connection problems have been fixed.


It's essentially the "now playing" app but it requires Bluetooth headphones. You can't hit play & have it play on your phone speakers or the watch speakers. Downloads take forever & constantly freeze (I have great wifi & Bluetooth connections & the watch is literally a foot from the phone) good idea & it's not all the developers fault. In the trouble shooting menu they basically say "apple won't let us do anything cool or useful" just use the apple podcast app to save frustration

A steal at twice the price

Or ten times the price. I was referred to this app by a friend who I frequently complain to about how I can’t listen to podcasts on my watch. Outcast is the app I wanted and so, so much more. So smart and well-done. Thank you!

Love this w/ my Apple Watch

Great way to download and listen to podcasts and leave the phone behind. Easy to use. New favorite app.

Makes the dream possible

Knowing the watch is far from done as far as audio playback features, I am amazed by the extent to which Outcast makes phone-free podcast playback possible already. It's not a seamless experience, but the app is so well done that it feels like issues I occasionally encounter are the watch's fault, not the app. It really does do the job.

Slow download

Yeah, seemed like a good idea at the time. Download so slow, I might as well just carry my iPhone with. Yes, I turned off Bluetooth. Glad I only paid 99c. Hoping for some major updates soon. I'll check back if the app becomes useful. 2/22/18 Update: Rapid response from developer. A+ for responsiveness.

Hurry Up & Update

Seriously, 50% of the time, the podcasts won’t play, the play-pause button freezes, EarPods cannot detect unless you start Music first, then side button switch app to Outcast. Rebooted Watch multiple times, uninstalled, reinstalled, completely wiped and restored Watch. Really unpredictable at best.


I have been searching for a good podcast app for my Apple Watch since they came out. Outcast has finally delivered something that works. Yes you have to unpair your phone but the download is so fast that it doesn’t matter. I use Bose Soundsport earbuds and can control the volume from them. This is an easy quick way to load podcasts to your watch for a workout

Broken broken broken

I tried reinstalling. Gets stuck 1 second after welcome message starts on watch. Using AirPods Apple Watch 3, iPhone 7s, all software up to date. I want my money bet back.


Been waiting for this since the Apple Watch came out!! Thanks for the most useful App for Apple Watch!!

Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work reliability.

I kept trying to repair my eappods to the watch. It would say they were connected, and the app said it was pairing, but there would be no sound. Also, whenever I could get it to work, when I would look at the app again the progress bar showing how far I was into the episode would have stopped.

Downloads better than Watchcast but far from perfect

It’s more reliable in downloading podcasts into Apple Watch. It succeeds more frequently than it fails and it shows the download progress. Sometimes it takes a long time to download or pauses without warning. Watchcast often goes into endless loops in trying to download and can be painfully slow. But Outcast has annoying flaws. Among them, in the watch, it doesn’t show the time progress when a podcast is played (it keeps showing the time where you started to play); you can’t use the volume control embedded in it, you have to go to the Now Playing screen for the volume; no back button to navigate in the app, making it confusing to go back (you have to press the podcast title block at the top to go back to the Episodes screen); and no app controls in your iPhone, everything is done through the Apple Watch, searching, selecting, and downloading episodes. Watchcast has a better interface in the iPhone app with a bigger screen and features which makes it easier to navigate and it can be programmed to automatically grab the latest episode from a particular show. The Outcast iPhone app is virtually useless in the phone, you can only get an “URL feed” if you type exactly the correct address (as if people know it by heart) and transfer podcasts from another app using OPML files which didn’t work at all with the Watchcast and Podcasts apps—couldn’t find that OPML feature in these apps. I’m glad there are more choices in untethered podcast apps for the Apple Watch, it used to be a desert there. But so far I haven’t seen any podcast apps that it’s as pleasant to use as the iPhone Podcast app. And Apple is also ruining the experience by not letting the audio play through the watch speaker—forcing the use of wireless headphones and with all the hassle that goes with it, setting up, pairing, etc, wasting more time before my workout or chore. Apple should be adding features people enjoy, not taking them away. Crunchy Bagel from Outcast responded to my review: “Thanks for your feedback and review! I just wanted to point out that it's not possible for us to control the volume (just the way the watch works). We're considering adding an option to discover and subscribe to podcasts via the iPhone app, but we're primarily focussed on it being a standalone Apple Watch app currently.” I’m pleased to hear from them so quickly. They seem to care about their product. I hope they get the auto subscribe feature working so you can get the latest episode of your show without wasting time. But I still think there’s much more the iPhone app can do besides the two things it does now; that way it’s all set to go in the Apple Watch before you use it on the run—time saving is essential for this wearable devices (it’s a pain and dangerous tinkering with your watch while jogging or evading traffic).

Best podcast player for Apple Watch

I have tried the others and they just don’t work. This one has great features and you could do everything on the watch.


Bought the app and downloaded on my phone. When I open it it says it’s not installed on my watch. When I go to the Watch app and open it in the App Store comes up and says open. When I open it it says It’s not installed on my watch.

Fantastic podcast app!

I LOVE THIS APP!!! Has so many great features in it for playing podcasts on my watch. THE BEST OUT THERE.

Great Solution

Even though it’s not perfect, it’s fantastic. Working around apples restrictions. Outcast is a podcast player for the watch that is truly standalone. Well done.

Nice UI, bad download experience

Does not automatically resume paused downloads and shows timeout error instead

Have to keep the watch screen on!?!

Guess I missed that little caveat. Too bad, quite frustrating

Best Apple Watch Podcast Player So Far

I’ve purchased all of the podcast players for the Apple Watch including Watch Player, Minicasts, Watch Casts, etc, and this is the best one so far. It freezes occasionally, but I really like the interface of Outcast better than the others. It displays graphics and episode descriptions on the Watch, and you can use use the crown to FF or RW. You have to turn Bluetooth off on the iPhone to quickly download episodes via WiFi, but this is a limitation with all the Apple Watch podcast apps. I would rank Watch Player a close second behind Outcast, mainly because of the interface and graphics.

Great, given the constraints

Apple imposes constraints on watchOS developers that makes a perfect podcast app impossible today. Given those constraints, Outcast does a great job: You can play podcasts locally, from your Watch, using AirPods. The UI is as polished and responsive as you can ask for at this stage of the Apple Watch. This app is a fine use of a couple of bucks.

Exactly what I have been looking for! THX

Just what I been needing for listening to Podcasts on my LTE Apple Watch. I can finally leave my phone behind completely now!

Missing the small things

Love the app, someone finally attempted to get this done right. I wish that it allowed you to see recent episodes...allow some kind of sorting option. Having new episode notifications would be awesome too.

Thank you for doing Apple’s job

This app may not be perfect but it allows podcast listeners to be truly free with their Apple Watch.

5 stars due to gutting out a solution to WatchOS hurdles

App works great, mostly. Has similar issues as other standalone Watch podcast apps with volume control and sharing AirPod control with iPhone. Those and other limits (downloading on wifi) are on Apple to give devs freedom HOPEFULLY this summer, but at least this guy is trying instead of sitting on his hands waiting (cough, Marco)

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