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Best Podcast Watch App Available

It has some rough edges, but while every other developer is saying standalone podcast apps can’t be made, I’m listening to podcasts without my phone. I wish it could sync with the other podcast apps I use, but it’s still great.

Time waster

Unpairing watch to download an episode takes longer than listening to said episode. 15 minutes so far and I’ve yet to start the download. Ugh! Never again - will be deleting this app as soon as I can use my watch again.

Won’t play from watch

I Select podcast downloaded to watch and app freezes every time I press play. Worked once but can’t get to play again

Great app for podcasts on watch

I was concerned based on other reviews talking about horrible download speeds. But for a buck I decided it was worth a shot. Short version; it’s fine. Using phone and Bluetooth (the slow method), I was able to download a 10 minute podcast in <2 minutes and a 30 minute podcast in ~5 minutes. And that was with an iffy connection. [Update - with WiFi (and phone in airplane mode; so watch direct) a 60 minute podcast downloaded in <1 minute. Super fast, no issues.] Only four stars because I’m still getting used to the controls (a combination of clicking screen title in upper left and force touch that still doesn’t seem intuitive to me). I’ll update as I use it more, but envision using this when I go on runs with only my watch - perfect for that use!

Download hung

Pauses at 2.1 mb. Restart, same thing happens.

Finally, a podcast app for the watch that works

As the developer said in a response to a bad review, the app was a bit “fiddly” at first. But, once I played with it a bit, it works flawlessly. Forcing the watch to go into cellular or WiFi modes is the key. Once that was done, downloads were surprisingly fast. I just downloaded three 60 minute-ish podcasts in less than one minute each. Brilliant! Plus, its super ease to find new podcasts, add episodes, delete episodes and play episodes. Just a really nicely designed and easy to use podcast app for the watch. Finally!

Not ready for release

Great idea! BUT... It doesn’t actually work. Using iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3 with all app and iOS updates. Slow, buggy and essentially non-functional unless you have all day to spend tinkering with the app instead of wanting to USE the app for the advertised purpose. You got my $0.99, I will be watching for updates that make this product functional.

Best Apple Watch Podcast App

It is not perfect but it is well worth the price and the best option currently to listen to podcasts from your watch.

Please provide step by step operating institutions.

I can’t figure out how to use this app.

No iPhone functionality

The app on the watch works decently, but there is no reason for the phone component to be more functional. You should be able to search for a podcast by name.

What’s the problem?

I don’t understand the negative reviews. I found out about this from 9to5mac. You download the app and install it on your watch, disable Bluetooth on your phone from the settings > Bluetooth section so your watch disconnects from the phone, and add the episodes directly to your watch via the app on your watch. It is so ridiculous that Apple locks down the Apple Watch like they are with no podcast app and only allowing Apple Music. Hopefully Spotify will come out with a native app soon. All I want to do is run with my watch and air pods and listen to music without paying for Apple Music every month. Thank you Overcast!

Gets the job done!

Needed some entertainment for my weekend long runs. I’ve been able to leave my phone at home and listen to podcasts from the Apple Watch as advertised.

Been waiting for this since the first Apple Watch

This app is amazing. I can download podcasts directly to the watch and listen to them on my AirPods while running. It’s perfect. Thank you.


I am just tired of this. Save your dollar and just use podcasts from the phone. I bought it a month ago. First, I tried to download a single podcast episode, and it was already a drama. I followed the Developers’ guidelines (disable bluetooth on the phone, make sure that the watch is connected to WiFi), and the app crashed two or three times before even starting to download. Then you need to keep the watch screen on. Fine, let’s try that. Even when doing that, though, the download pauses every five seconds. I wanted to take a video but it was hard to keep the watch screen alive when pointing the phone at it. After pressing “resume” 20 times, at the end apparently it worked. Or at least, it seemed to have worked. I connect my headphones to the watch, press play. Nothing happens, and the podcast auto-pauses. The time stays at 0:00.I try again, no luck. It doesn’t pause, but the time does not progress. I feel a “tap” from the swatch every time I press play, but right now it seems like the app is mocking me. In a month I could not make it work even once. On the plus side, the developers are kind and responsive, but the app simply (most likely for Apple Watch’s framework) does not provide a decent podcast experience. Good for the lucky ones that managed to get it to work, I am not among them. Summary: a pain to download podcasts, a pain

Works great!

I have been using this regularly for my walks and runs, and it works great. Before I leave the house, or office I just turn off Bluetooth on my iPhone and download a couple of podcasts that will last as long as I need, and then take off. Using my AirPods, it works just fine. I tried a few others, and they did not work reliably.

Does not work

Takes forever to download a podcast and downloads get interrupted and end up restarting. I haven’t been able to download a single podcast.

Terrible App

It took me over half an hour to download one app due to repeated “connection errors”. Yes, I followed the instructions to keep my watch screen on and turn off Bluetooth on my iPhone. No, there isn’t anything wrong with my wifi. I would give it zero stars if I could. How do I get a refund?

Terrible solution for watches 1&2 but it works

Without the cellular connection, downloads are painful. The watch keeps pausing the download unless I keep my watch from sleeping.

It’s not their fault....

This app tries really hard to be the best podcast app and the best Apple Watch out there. The problem is Apple has WatchOS so locked down and limited that it hard to build a truly great app. But they really try. Hoping Apple breaks the mandatory tethering to iPhone soon like they eventually did with the iPhone.


I’ve never once had a problem with this app. Works as advertised if you follow the instructions. I was even able to import a list of my favorite podcasts from my main podcast app and it saved a ton of time (and made the app way less cumbersome to navigate for episodes). I love that I don’t have to pick out an episode on my phone and transfer it to my watch - all of that happens on the watch itself. Downloading over LTE is fast enough that I don’t even pick out an episode until I’m on my warmup walk and it’s ready to go in about a minute. It’s perfect. This app and a pair of AirPods are the only two Apple Watch essentials, and the feeling of going on a run without needing to set anything up beforehand or strap a big phone to my arm is truly priceless. I only have one gripe and one feature request and they’re both minor. Album art loads pretty slowly while searching for podcasts, so finding a new podcast that my friend described to me was more difficult than it needed to be. Feature request - on my phone my go-to podcast app can “take over” my Now Playing widget with my custom +30 -10 seconds skips in place of Previous and Next. Can that be done on the built-in Now Playing screen on the watch, too?

Download feature needs fixing!!!

You shouldn’t have to keep the watch screen on while downloading. It’s almost impossible to download something, having to tap the screen every 30 seconds Please fix this

Won’t DL

Really disappointed. Takes hours to download and never completes. Stops downloading every time the screen goes off.

Delivers on target

This app works as well as an Apple Watch app can. It takes a little getting used to if you are going to use this while exercising. Follow the instructions for downloading podcasts to the watch, it makes a difference. I have been able to run iPhone-free a couple times now and it’s really awesome! You can’t ask for more for under a buck. Get the app, you’ll be glad you did.

Great But Kills My Battery

Updating my previous review. App works so much better now in all respects EXCEPT it kills my battery! I use it about an hour a day on my walk and my watch battery which started above 90% is routinely down to 35-40% by the end of the walk. I have to charge the watch right away or I can’t get through the rest of the day (gotta close those rings!) If The watch could be charged while wearing it wouldn’t be a problem but since I can’t this bothers me. It’s probably more an Apple problem than an Outcast problem but we all know how responsive Apple is to customer concerns! Just be aware when using this app that your battery will drain super fast. Still, it’s a great app. I was very excited that this app was finally filling the podcast gap in my Gen3 Apple Watch. Exported my podcasts from Overcast and I was good to go. It worked great for a couple of days then locked up. Had to restart the watch to get it to work again. A week later I’m having the same problem. I think this app has great potential and just needs a little tweaking. Maybe when the next update comes out it will be more stable. This is well worth trying, just know you have to work with it. Hoping to give the next update 5 stars.

Works. Buggy. But the best option available.

I bought this app because I want to listen to podcasts on my non cellular Apple Watch while I run, leaving my phone at home. I’m thankful that it works for that, but barely. I have to continually scrub my finger over the watch face keeping the app open while the podcast download progresses. Otherwise it will lose connection. It also only plays podcast back at 1X speed. It does look like the developers are responsive to feedback and are working continually making improvements.

Some podcasts work and some don’t

Trial and Error! Go to the podcast you want and download. Then play! If it works the podcast is available! If it doesn’t work the podcast is not available! This works great if the podcast is available and works!


Why Apple can’t figure out podcasts for the watch, we’ll never know. I’m glad this app exists though.


i enjoy this!!!

Great app, despite people not knowing how to use it

This is a great option for podcasts given the current WatchOS. I use it frequently, downloads great, works with Now Playing widget (most of the time!). Could it be better? Of course. But for podcasts on the watch it is an elegant solution to a less than ideal situation. The negative reviews here are seemingly from people unsure how to use both the app and their watch. Ask for help. Don’t spam the App Store.

Works great!!!

I was skeptical at first because of some reviews but downloads on WiFi was simple and completed in seconds. Pairing to Bluetooth worked just fine and the UI is nice. For the price this is great for playing podcasts on your watch!!! Good job!!!

Love this app !

Thank you so much for this app, I was recently bought the Apple Watch cellular only to find out that I could no longer download podcasts (or stream them). With this app I can now have my podcasts without having to bring my phone with me. Great for walks !

Great when it works

Unfortunately it locks up my watch quite often when I’m trying to browse podcast or do pretty much anything else. Would be really great if it just worked.

Confusing to use.

Downloaded app to my series 3 watch. Couple of audio files that offer no help into actually showing how to use it. Are there some actual user friendly instructions?

Best standalone watch podcast app, but needs work

Best standalone watch podcast app that I’ve found, but it needs work. Won’t download over cellular. Wifi connection is hit and miss. This makes it pretty useless when travelling. Contacted support, not much joy there. They confirmed I have internet connections on the watch but didn’t offer any other help. Hopefully this app inspires a good standalone watch podcast app.

Almost there!

Thanks for making this. Works pretty well. Occasionally crashes the watch requiring reboot. Also, please add ability to have a playlist. Currently if a podcast ends mid workout, I have to stop running and select the next podcast.

I want a refund!!!

This app simply doesn’t work. All the YouTube video telling the opposite a non sense! The podcasts won’t get to the Apple Watch! It’s a scam!

Major Problem-Downloading!

This app would easily rate a five! The only issue is that while I am downloading a current episode – I have to keep pushing to begin the download from where it left off. Download pauses throughout the entire process. This is a major headache! It would be great if the developer would fix the issue and the downloading proceeded more seamlessly!

Super tech help. Solid app.

Some parts are a little clunky due to Apple being complicated but this is the only way I have been able to successfully listen to podcasts on my watch. Customer service was quick and super helpful when I had an issue (tap folks, don’t swipe!). I am sure it will just get better and better!!


Finally I’m able to listen to podcasts while running without packing my phone on my arm. If you follow the directions this app works great!! I love it. Bravo!

Best Apple Watch app ever

This is hands down, best Apple Watch app ever. I can load podcasts onto my watch, do chores in home, outside the home, yard work or snow blowing. Even take a trip to the store all without my iPhone! This app increases the value of my Apple Watch ten fold. It also works with my series 1 as well as my series 3! Just love it.

Worth it to listen

After trying several times to download an episode (and failing), and attempting to use Airplane Mode (and failing), I finally figured out that turning off my phone was the easiest way to disconnect while downloading. It worked like a dream! The app is sooooo worth it to be able to listen on podcasts phone-free, but it would be nice to have the downloading glitch fixed.

Great Considering limitations developer has to work with

I’ve tried a few other ways to listen to podcasts on my watch and this one is by far the best. Considering the limitations Apple has put on the watch as a platform. Yes it’s a pain to remember to disconnect the phone & there is no way to sync between my podcast player on the phone and watch; but it downloads sooooo fast when on LTE. with in 2 weeks of light use I had a workable rhythm.

It actually works reliably

I’ve tried a bunch of watch podcast apps. This one actually works reliably. Most don’t. Full featured too.

Stopped Working

Well, it runs better and downloads faster and more simply then when it first came out, but it doesn’t play my podcasts anymore. I can listen to other stuff from my watch, but pressing play on downloaded podcasts in this app has stopped working.

Too clunky

Podcasts are manually transferred

Not worth the money

UPDATE: since the developer thought it would be worthy to reply to me I shall reply to them: I followed the instructions. It doesn’t work. How about you ask me what steps I took before you accuse me of not reading them. Downloads to the watch rarely work. If you do anything that causes the watch to go to sleep, it pauses.

Super slow and unreliable

It’s a good idea and I’m really happy to see somebody trying to tackle this problem. I’ve heard Marco Arment talk about how difficult it is and this solution is better than his was. Still, it’s unreliable at best. I’ve gotten one episode of a podcast to download on my cellular watch in the past 2 weeks of messing around with it. Have not been able to play said episode via AirPods however, so I’m not sure what the point really is. Despite spending money I’m not mad because I’m that desperate for podcasts on my watch and am glad somebody is working on it, so hopefully that money will go towards making it better until Apple inevitably brings it to the watch themselves. But I can’t say I’d recommend the app to anybody who isn’t in the same mindset as myself.

Doesn’t work whenever you follow their directions

Super disappointed about this app. Purchased because it was featured by Apple a few weeks ago as being one of the essential apps to download for your Apple Watch. You cannot download anything no matter what disconnect from your Apple Watch like it says no dice connected via Wi-Fi without your Apple Watch. No dice. I have an Apple Watch that’s enabled with cellular data and it still doesn’t work connected or unconnected from the Apple Watch. Not to mention that the user interface is just terrible seems OK but it freezes up and I’ve had to uninstall reinstall a few time. it’s not clear how to get to the settings etc. what a bummer since all I really want to do is listen to podcasts without having to carry my iPhone around. I think this app was able to download 1 episode a few weeks ago. Took forever made my watch hot. I’m not even able to that now.

AVOID, Always hangs

I’ve had this for a day and managed to play 18 seconds of one podcast before it froze. Reset Apple Watch, reinstalled app and it just keeps happening.

No downloading over WiFi, etc.

I run a lot and love my podcasts, so this was an obvious try as I try and not run w/my iPhone. So, it says it will download via WiFi after I turn off Bluetooth and put on airplane mode - this does not work, and I’m literally sitting next to my wireless router (and AirPort Extreme). Also, when I actually was able to download an episode (via the iPhone/Bluetooth b/c the WiFi ‘trick’ didn’t work), it wouldn’t play after I paired my headphones (iTunes worked thru my headphones; this app didn’t). So I deleted the episode and re-downloaded the same episode (again, the long way via iPhone/Bluetooth), re-paired my headphones and it worked. So, when I actually does what it says it’s supposed to do, it’s great. But, it’s mostly inconsistent. Any remedies?

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