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Disable Bluetooth to force WiFi

This app has been the most valiant effort to work around the limitations of WatchOS 4. Unfortunately, the recent update seems to have broken the app on my series 3 watch. Hopefully, a WatchOS 5 version is in the works or ready for publication with WatchOS 5 on the 17th. WatchOS 5 should provide the developer with all the tools required to make this work as well as a first party app. My biggest frustration with this and any other podcast app is the limitation placed on data transfer to the watch. WatchOS seems to steadfastly stick to Bluetooth transfer. The only way to ensure a faster WiFi download on the watch seems to be to disable Bluetooth on the phone, but keep WiFi enabled. I hope Apple gives the user the option to prioritize one over the other in future versions of WatchOS. Cellular transfer seemed to work in earlier versions, but has been broken for me in recent versions

Update is bad

Won’t load after update. Crashes immediately.

Nice UI, bad download experience

Does not automatically resume paused downloads. Requires to disconnect iPhone during download to have adequate speed.

I never give a 1 star rating.

I have used this app for quite a while and loved it but this new iteration crashes my Apple Watch 3. I loved this app but something went very wrong on this update.

3.0 even better

This has always been the watch player that worked reliably. Now it’s finally able to be easy to use thanks to watchOS 5.


The Problem may not be out cast… But the Apple Watch… In any case… Even when following directions… Download of Podcasts onto the I watch has been sporadic, unreliable, and unpredictable.

Very confusing interface

Very confusing interface, cannot see list of available episode for a podcast

Outcast Unreliable

Downloading a podcast on to Iwatch 3 is extremely unreliable. Tried all the recommendations: Bluetooth on or off. Doesn’t make any difference. Interrupt errors non stop. Also, if you are successful in download to iwatch the podcast behaves like a scratched phonograph record. Audio keeps skipping back to earlier parts of the podcast then back to current location. Annoying.

Can't download podcasts to watch

I have tried to download podcasts on 5 or more occasions and it has never worked. It downloads super slowly (1mb every 10 seconds) then loses connection after a few mins. Have tried on Bluetooth and wifi. The app simply doesn't work.

When it works, it is a bliss. When it does not...

Every other day, I’ve got issues playing podcasts from outcast with my AirPods. The AirPods are connected to the watch and play music, but Outcast would not start playing the podcast. It seems random and I have no idea how to fix it. Otherwise, when it works, it is pretty good!

Great but

The player works good but I still don’t know how to get the podcasts off my watch after I listen to them

Too many problems

“When” it works it’s great. Unfortunately I just can’t get it to work most of the time.

Wow, finally podcasts directly on my Apple Watch ;-)

Installed easily and it immediately worked on my Apple Watch 3 with Verizon. Can’t wait to use it in the gym without dragging in my iPhone!


It takes forever, if ever, to download an episode. I don’t have slow internet. I disconnected iPhone Bluetooth. What else can I do?

Painfully slow downloads - make sure to have good connection

Best functioning watch-only podcast app However I had issues with downloading: I sat for nearly 30 minutes waiting on a 60mb episode to download (60 minute podcast). My watch was disconnected from my iPhone as directed, and I sat keeping the watch screen active on the outcast app. My watch showed one bar of service (at&t) in the same spot my iPhone gets 2+ bars of steady LTE speeds. Maybe this is solely because of my cell service, or it’s an Apple issue, but I’ve tried multiple episodes with similar slowness. In my experience, there are much faster and better send-to-watch podcast apps. However they probably don’t function as nicely smooth as this one.


Super unreliable. Takes forever to download even on WiFi.

Best Standalone Podcast App for Apple Watch

Being able to listen to podcasts on the Apple Watch without the phone is truly liberating, especially for running and working out. I have tried most of the AW podcast apps, andOutcast is by far the best, particularly now that it has playlist functionality that allows paying podcast episodes in series automatically. Podcasts load very quickly by WiFi or cellular if you follow the tip of putting the phone on airplane mode or if you are away from the phone.

Barely works for me.

I have the series 3 with data (Verizon) and this app constantly crashed, restarted, and barely functions. Complicated and not user friendly either. Got about 10 min into the Adam Corolla Podcast after a handful of re-starts and I gave up. Fast forward, speed and volume functions don’t work. Thank god only cost me $1 to waste about 30-min of my life on it. Pass. Hard pass.

Needs serious improvements

Needs serious improvements

Not very functional

You are only able to browse and download podcasts via the Apple Watch interface, and not in the app on your phone. I purchased this app to download podcasts onto the watch for use during exercise, which it does but in a very clunky way.

Very Bad Downloading Experience

On my Apple Watch 2, first time out the gate I tried downloading a 23 MB podcast. This app makes you keep the Apple Watch screen on AND you must have the Outcast App active in order to download - otherwise it pauses the download. The download speed was very slow. This results in having to babysit the Apple Watch making sure the screen doesn’t “sleep” - and, I had to sit there and tap around the Outcast App so it wouldn’t pause the download. Even with this, not only would the download keep pausing, it got to about 22 MB of the 23 - and then had a download error and had to restart the whole thing!!! And you cannot listen to a podcast as it’s downloading. I sincerely regret this app and I want my 45 minutes wasted on it back!

Worked OK until recent update (July 2018)

Now I can’t get any episodes to download completely. Huge waste of time. They constantly pause and start over whether on WiFi or cellular or paired with phone.

5 stars but stopped working

Please fix

Needs a better download mechanic

While this is the best watch podcast player I’ve found, there is still much to desire. Pros: this app, unlike overcast or watchplayer actually cooperates with my Bluetooth headset ( I use ZNT Airfits) thru a series 1 Apple Watch. Con: the download process is awful and seemingly at odds with the Apple Watch’s design. It forces you to keep the watch screen on (which is unintuitive at best and enraging at worst), and if you don’t, you’ll end up with 12 random minutes of a podcast rather than the whole thing. Both the devs and Apples Watch OS team really need to get on this.

Inconsistent download success

I have had the hardest time downloading podcasts using this app. I’ve tried using cellular and wireless, with my phone on and off airplane mode. No matter what combination I use, my downloads always fail, and I have to restart them every minute or less. I spent the better part of an hour trying to download an hour-long podcast, and somehow, only got the last 15 minutes of the ‘cast. Not worth it. I’ll have to start carrying my phone with me on my runs as this app is not a viable solution. Luckily, I only wasted $.99.

Great app!

Finally...an app that plays podcasts that 1. Isn't expensive 2. Isn't difficult to use 3. Helpful tutorials Highly recommend. Two thumbs up.

Not where it needs to be...yet

This app would be much better if I didn’t need to disable Bluetooth on my iPhone to enable even a mediocre download speed. Also there’s no setting that will allow for automatic downloads and removal of podcasts once they’ve been consumed. Don’t get me wrong; this app takes a huge step in the right direction for searching for and listening to podcasts; and all this without having the functionality that an updated Watch OS 5 API may soon enable. When that happens I’ll upgrade my rating.

Do not download

Even over WiFi the podcasts take forever to download and usability is terrible. Much of the usability issues are due to apples restrictions, but it is what it is. You’re best to save your money and wait for watch OS 5. Speaking of money...Not only does this app cost money, but it also inserts LOUD ads before and after each podcast. The developer is clearly doing a money grab prior to Apple releasing podcasts for the Apple Watch in September 2018. This is a text book reason why people don’t buy more apps.

Leader of the Pack

These developers try really hard to bring a great app that gets around Apple’s limitations imposed on the Watch. Apple stopped the ability to stream music and podcasts thru the watch. They brought back Apple Music, and I have read that Podcasts are coming back in the next major update. Excited to see what Outcast does with that. Hopefully they will be able to use it too, not just Apple Podcasts. The app tries really hard to be the best podcast app and the best Apple Watch app out there. This latest update allows streaming (Yay!), but really it is buffering and playing once enough is downloaded. Once it starts, you still need to keep the Watch active for the full download, which is still not very practical. It’s OK if you can sit and wait for a pod to download before a run, and the play starting helps with the boredom of waiting for a not so quick download, but who has time to sit around waiting for downloads. Hoping that the update in Fall 2018 solves this, and I’m sure this developer will be all over it when it does. Apple needs to break the mandatory tethering to iPhone soon like they eventually did with the iPhone to a PC.

This changes everything!

This app brings real utility to my Apple Watch Series 3! Now I leave my phone at home while walking the dog and listen to podcasts directly from my watch. Perfect!

Works As Advertised.

Well, the app works as expected but still needs some tweaking. The app will definitely get me by until Apple gets the official Podcast on the Apple Watch in the Fall. One awesome feature I accidentally discovered was scrubbing with the Digital Crown. You can turn the Digital Crown and scrub through the audio. That’s is awesome for listening to a precise point in the audio recording. Good job on the devs part. Apple need to look at that feature for sure. But, I will say I’m very happy I get to take my podcast with me with only the Apple Watch present. I hike 10 miles a morning and like to listen to my weekly favorite podcast like CultCast. So, Outcast just made my mornings a bit more enjoyable. I say: thank you.

Doesn’t work

Downloads do not complete even when on WiFi and keeping the screen active. Save your money and wait for watch os 5

The best there is, even if not great

The interface can be very frustrating, but at least it usually works, which is more than any other option at the moment. We’ll see what Apple brings.

Todo bien PA


Some mods I would make.

Love the app. Easy to use. Quick downloads. My only suggestion would be to manage downloads from the iPhone portion of the app. Sometimes it is frustrating having to make changes (adding sorting, deleting and searching for podcasts) from the watch itself. The screen is not big enough and sometimes it tends to slow down and freeze. But overall I love the app, and would recommend downloading. However, the new Apple OS is reportedly adding the Podcast app to the watch so you can make these sort of adjustments from the iPhone app. But for now, it’s the best app for podcasts.


Have not been able to download a single podcast yet

Great app!

I have the Apple watch with LTE but haven't been able to justify getting cellular service since my phone is almost always with me. This app has been a great addition for those times I dont want to carry the phone around, like when I'm doing stuff in the yard or walking the dog. The first few downloads took several minutes- which really isn't that terrible for those of us that remember what life was like with dial-up - but then the app suggested putting my phone in airplane mode and voila, almost instanious download of a 45 minute podcast. Well worth the .99 price tag

Make sure Watch is on WiFi 2.4G...

Because if your watch is on WiFi 5G the podcast that you are trying to download will keep pausing. Apple Watch only supports WiFi 2.4G. That being said, the app works fine.

Works as advertised

I’ve tried many 3rd party apps to get standalone playback of podcasts on Apple Watch and this was the first one I’ve stuck with. The simplicity of the interface and directions on how to adjust volume and download are what set it apart.

Great Podcast app!

Problems downloading podcasts when first purchased. Gave it a bad rating, then developer got in touch with me and I told him what the problem was. He corrected the problem and now this app. records podcasts just like the apple podcast app.

Airplane mode is your friend

Set your iPhone to airplane mode before downloading podcasts. Works great if you do that. Best app I could find for listening to podcasts offline on the watch.

Best Apple Watch Podcast Player So Far

I’ve purchased all of the podcast players for the Apple Watch including Watch Player, Minicasts, Watch Casts, etc, and this is the best one so far. It freezes occasionally, but I really like the interface of Outcast better than the others. It displays graphics and episode descriptions on the Watch, and you can use use the crown to FF or RW. You have to turn Bluetooth off on the iPhone to quickly download episodes via WiFi, but this is a limitation with all the Apple Watch podcast apps. Until Apple gets serious about podcast support on the Watch and releases a native app, this one is my preferred solution.


Able to download different sermons from different pastors and listen to them

Best Podcast Watch App Available

It has some rough edges, but while every other developer is saying standalone podcast apps can’t be made, I’m listening to podcasts without my phone. I wish it could sync with the other podcast apps I use, but it’s still great.

Time waster

Unpairing watch to download an episode takes longer than listening to said episode. 15 minutes so far and I’ve yet to start the download. Ugh! Never again - will be deleting this app as soon as I can use my watch again.

Won’t play from watch

I Select podcast downloaded to watch and app freezes every time I press play. Worked once but can’t get to play again

Great app for podcasts on watch

I was concerned based on other reviews talking about horrible download speeds. But for a buck I decided it was worth a shot. Short version; it’s fine. Using phone and Bluetooth (the slow method), I was able to download a 10 minute podcast in <2 minutes and a 30 minute podcast in ~5 minutes. And that was with an iffy connection. [Update - with WiFi (and phone in airplane mode; so watch direct) a 60 minute podcast downloaded in <1 minute. Super fast, no issues.] Only four stars because I’m still getting used to the controls (a combination of clicking screen title in upper left and force touch that still doesn’t seem intuitive to me). I’ll update as I use it more, but envision using this when I go on runs with only my watch - perfect for that use!

Finally, a podcast app for the watch that works

As the developer said in a response to a bad review, the app was a bit “fiddly” at first. But, once I played with it a bit, it works flawlessly. Forcing the watch to go into cellular or WiFi modes is the key. Once that was done, downloads were surprisingly fast. I just downloaded three 60 minute-ish podcasts in less than one minute each. Brilliant! Plus, its super ease to find new podcasts, add episodes, delete episodes and play episodes. Just a really nicely designed and easy to use podcast app for the watch. Finally!

Not ready for release

Great idea! BUT... It doesn’t actually work. Using iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3 with all app and iOS updates. Slow, buggy and essentially non-functional unless you have all day to spend tinkering with the app instead of wanting to USE the app for the advertised purpose. You got my $0.99, I will be watching for updates that make this product functional.

Best Apple Watch Podcast App

It is not perfect but it is well worth the price and the best option currently to listen to podcasts from your watch.

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